Ramm Aerospace B206/407 Frameless Seat Cushions simplifies repairs

RAMM Aerospace is now offering Frameless Seat Cushions for the Bell 206/407 aircraft. The HELIFAB FAA STC SR09522RC eliminates the 206/407

seat frame entirely for all FWD facing passenger seats and will be available for all seating positions in the near future. TCCA/EASA Approvals are pending.

RAMM Aerospace is already receiving significant interest in the Frameless Seat Cushions that are currently available for all FWD Facing Passenger Seats. “HELIFAB, our project partner has committed to develop additional seating positions so that we will be able to offer frameless seat cushions for the complete aircraft in the near future,” stated Peggy McDonald, VP of Marketing and Sales at RAMM Aerospace. “Frameless Seat Cushions will enable 206/407 operators to eliminate the seat frames entirely, reducing maintenance costs and aircraft downtime. We also used our expertise to design the covers so that they can be easily removed and replaced by the operators within minutes without adhesive. “


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